Special Deals

Guess what? Our bargains are not low quality, they are just plain good deals.

We sell fresh quality campfire inspired coffees and other goodies.  When we fill large orders we sometimes have small amounts left over.   That's when we creating special packages of mixed product and let our customers have a chance to try new things.

Coffee Pot-Luck Box - Guaranteed to weigh 3# or more plus Free Shipping!

Our Guarantee:  each box contains 3# or more pounds of one of our regular coffees (Mesquite Roasted, Texas Blackjack, Guatemalan Antigua, Chuckwagon Blend, or Mexican Altura).

How the Deal Works: We cannot know what coffee you will receive until the day of shipping. That's why we call it a pot-luck.  As we fill custom orders we always roast a few extra coffee beans just to make sure we can fill the entire order. The extra coffee (minus what we drink ourselves) it is offered in a "Pot-Luck" Package.

Whatever is being roasted that day, what ever is on hand, we want to sell to you at a bargain rather than let it grow old on the shelf.   So you may get 1, 2, 3, or even 4 different high quality coffees in your package..  

Our regular customers love this offer because they have found it is a perfect way to share great coffee with friends and without digging into their own personal coffee stash!  And, with free shipping you will save at least 20% of regular pricing.