Mesquite Roasted Grilling Rub - 2 Pack

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Mesquite Roasted Grilling Rub - 2 Pack


Blended especially for open flame grilling and pan blackening beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, salmon, trout...anywhere a crispy flavorful outside crust is desired.

Made with Mesquite Roasted Coffee in the rub. This products is all natural, gluten free and allergen free.

You get: Two 11 OZ containers of our grilling rub...that's enough to share with a friend.

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Mesquite Roasted Grilling Rub - TWIN PACK - Two 11 oz moisture-proof foil bags or poly-shaker jars.

Each container contains 11 oz. wt. (that’s two full cups of spices) packed in an air tight heat-sealed zip-lock bag or poly-shaker jar.  That's easily enough of our new grilling rub for up to 20 lbs. of steak or brisket. 

This rub is specially made for grilling and pan blackening Cajun style.  Perfect for beef, pork, chicken or turkey but it also works extremely well for oily fish like salmon, steel head trout, and tuna.  lt is outstanding on lamb chops… I grill a couple of times a week with our rub).

Mesquite Roasted Grilling Rub contains 15% of specially processed Mesquite Roasted Coffee plus 16 different spices and other ingredients.  This is an natural product product. There are no chemical preservatives in this all-natural rub. It is gluten free, non-fat, and allergen free. There’s no MSG and the rub is less than 11 per cent salt by volume,  if you are on reduced sodium diets.

  • Gluten free

  • All natural

  • Allergan free

  • No MSG