How Do You Take Your Mesquite Roasted Coffee?

The Ethiopians drink dark coffee with maybe a pinch of salt. The Italians are the unrivaled World Masters of Espresso drink their espresso with sugar.

The Swiss enjoy with equal parts of hot chocolate and the Mexicans add cinnamon.

The Greeks enjoy coffee iced or very dark frothed with sugar and cream.

The Belgians, like the Swiss drink theirs with chocolate. Moroccans drink their coffee with peppercorns or cardamon.

Coffee drinkers in the Middle East usually add cardamon and spices.

Whipped cream is the favourite amongst Austrians and with Irish coffee drinkers.

The Egyptians like the Ethiopians are extremely fond of pure and strong coffee. They serve unsweeteened coffee to mourners and sweetened coffee at weddings.

We drink our Mesquite Roasted Coffee because of it's the smooth rich taste.  We really like coffee with dessert and usually add a very slight amount of sugar (more like a seasoning rather than a sweetner) plus a tablespoon of cream to hot MRC. These things bring out the full spectrum flavor of mesquite roasted coffee on to the palate with food.