Tasseography - Fortune Telling with Coffee

The reading of Turkish coffee grounds is by far the most widely known form of tasseography in practice today, but it is not the only form of fortune telling that comes out of a cup.

Mesquite_Roasted_Coffee_With Cream.jpg

Less common is the reading of the steam and swirls that rise up from a cup of coffee when cold cream is poured into its center.

Though its history is murky, this type of reading traces its origins to Latin America.

What no one knows is when, exactly, reading the shapes left at the bottom of a cup of Turkish coffee became customary as a sort of everyday, casual, communal, culturally reinforced fortune-telling.  Today, the practice is common throughout the Middle East, Greece, and parts of Europe and the U.S.

Taken from "Turkish Coffee Reading: Fortunes, Methods, and Mysteries" by Daniela Galarza, November 13, 2015         Read full story....